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Central Podiatry presents to local Diabetes UK Group

Central Podiatry presents to local Diabetes UK Group


Central Podiatry discussed the importance of the foot health with the Wolston group of Diabetes UK members earlier this month.

Foot problems can be a complication of long term or poorly controlled diabetes.  Damage can be caused by damage to nerves and blood vessel which can lead to ulcers and in the worse cases amputations.  The Independent Diabetes Trust report that there are approximately 130 amputations undertaken nationally each week, but the good news is that around 80% are preventable.

Pete discussed with the Wolston group how to minimise the risks of developing problems:

  • Good blood sugar control is key!  As a Type 1 diabetic himself, Pete knows that that is not always easy but without good control our risks of developing problems increase.  Prevention is always better than cure!
  • Correct and good fitting shoes can help minimise the risk of problems.  Too tight, narrow or loose shoes should be avoided.  Feet change as we get older and our choice of shoe may need to change too!
  • Never walk barefoot which can increase the chance of accidental damage.
  • Regularly and daily moisturising to avoid dry skin.
  • Checking your feet daily for any changes and seeking help from your GP or a podiatrist if there are any problems.

Everyone with diabetes should have an annual foot check undertaken by the NHS, normally at their GP practice.  This should include:

  • Checks for callus, corns and any other changes
  • Footwear checked that it is appropriate and not causing problems
  • An assessment for numbness and loss of sensation

Importantly, you should be told your results and the level of risk of complications.  Anyone with increased risks should then receive free NHS podiatry services where a multidisciplinary team will provide the best care.

Those with lower risks need to maintain regular checks.  Central Podiatry can assist in minimising the chance of problems appearing through regular assessments, nail cutting, treatment of callus, corns, heel fissures and footwear advice.