Children’s Podiatry

Children's Podiatry - Northamptonshire - Central Podiatry


Central Podiatry are here to advise parents who are concerned about the development of their children’s feet. Overall posture, pain, deformity or unusual walking patterns are just some of the reasons why a parent may consult a Podiatrist to assess their child. Often reassurance and advice is all that is needed but in some cases exercises to help with posture and specialised insoles/orthoses are required.


From birth until the second decade of life children go through structural and positional developmental changes in the lower limb and feet. Having a sound understanding of normal and abnormal growth is key to deciding on whether to treat and what type of treatment is required. It is essential to Identify, as early as possible, any problems that might need specialist treatment later in life.


At Central Podiatry we are highly experienced in assessing and treating children. Following the initial consultation and diagnosis, a treatment plan can be agreed to manage the condition or refer on to an appropriate consultant.


Central Podiatry treatment for your child may take the form of footwear advice and a biomechanical assessment. This determines the normal and abnormal functioning of the foot and lower limbs and often involves the provision of orthoses.


The initial consultation may involve:

  • Full medical history, physical and biomechanical examination. All examinations are non invasive.
  • Gait analysis if age appropriate
  • Basic exercises that can be fun for children and give us information on their developmental milestones and the presenting problem.


Children may present with problems such as verrucae, athletes foot, sweaty feet, in-growing toenails – Central Podiatry can advise and help with these common conditions.


  • Flat Feet
  • Heel Pain
  • Arch Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Knock Knees & Bowed Legs
  • In-Toeing gait (Pigeon Toed)
  • Out-Toeing gait
  • Abnormal Walking (including Tip-Toe Walking)